Chamber Economics Concept (Expired Program)  (VERY OLD BUT STILL REQUESTED... SUGGEST USING

Welcome to Chamber Economics where we clearly show you the value of becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce.


Study after study clearly shows that the value of Chamber of Commerce membership is extraordinary, but sometimes HARD VALUE means even more to businesses that are carefully investing their money in these tough economic times. Value of membership means that your voice is heard, you are able to network with locals to do business, become part the area search engine, and receive monthly marketing and advertising reports.


The Chamber of Commerce delivers prospects by adding your business offering and the Chambers phone and online traffic to result in new business leads and prospective customers.  Since the Chamber of Commerce is the most trusted source for local information you may be surprised at the level of traffic delivered to your business.
The Chamber of Commerce delivers traffic through advanced traffic catcher tools (TCS), Mark LeBlanc marketing and advertising services, unlimited support, connectors to the Chamber of Commerce website, Chamber directory, promoted through the area search engine that is powered by Google and by utilizing the included search engine optimization tools.
When you join the Chamber of Commerce you become part of a powerful business development network.  In addition you are provided with an exceptional rich array of technology and support services at no additional cost.  One benefit includes My Ad Cloud which allows businesses to add 1000 (10 included / 1000 with ChamberSquad Upgrade) online advertisements that are individually indexed and inter-connected through various Chamber of Commerce networks for significant member promotion.
The Chamber of Commerce understands that many of their members have experienced technology hurdles in the past.  We promise that this is the simplest, easiest to use system ever that will deliver excellent results.  The reports we send to you each month will prove the Chamber value and the free member support that's included with membership is simply fantastic.  
Members will automatically receive from the Chamber of Commerce a "Member Statement" proving the value of Chamber of Commerce membership.  These reports may be extended by using the DisplayedRight system network.

View the live network activity at:
The Area Search Engine technology is designed to produce large scale commerce solutions for the "most trusted source" in community information - The Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce and member business Information is gathered through our easy to use data collection and management tools.  The information is stored, accessed and modified easily online by Chamber staff and member businesses. Everything necessary to operate a highly efficient Chamber of Commerce is included with the Chamber Nation program.  When you implement our patent-pending "Community in Sync" data collection program you can quickly become the most powerful local search solution.  There is a saying "He Who Holds the Information Wins" and now its possible for the Chamber to once again be the king of local information for distribution via local search and through the most popular search engines of today.

When the Chamber of Commerce decides to make member promotion and local business development a top issue, then this is the answer (CONTACT US).

System leverage points include:

Membership Business Information
Chamber Community Event Information
Chamber Community Calendar(s)
Chember Directory
Chamber Internet Television "ChamberITV" Videos
Chamber Website Content
Member Website Content
Relocation Guide
Electronic Mapping Systems
Other as requested by City and Chamber
And best of all... Members get FREE U.S.A. BASED support services through a toll free telephone number or online service request website.

Included Member Support Services:

Custom domain name consulting and setup for primary TCS + mobile phone site
Assistance in creating a single (but nice) logo for advertising system
Member walk through over phone and assist if necessary to complete TCS site
Answer questions about wording and other issues to improve directory search optimization
Provide guidance on managing the member advertising system
Support calls relating to the video distribution system
Mobile phone site publishing and more
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